A Texas Democrat for REAL Change

​​Rickey "RayKey" Tezino for Houston

I am a Loyal Democrat, seeking a bid for Houston in 2017 and believe that there are changes that have to be made in 2017. 

*Education is crucial, as an educator I would like to see our kids complete a more comprehensive National assessment, eliminating the waste of billions and the erosion of a comprehension education that extends throughout the year.
*The  Affordable Health Care Act is now a law and us as Texan need to move forward and make sure we are not among the lowest states with millions of people uninsured.
*We need to reform our prison systems, we do not need to spend millions of dollars charging, convicting and housing low-level crimes like drug use, we need to provide resources to help people deal with their real problems, and increase services for mental health, especially depression.
 *We need to provide advance education without penalties for the students in the 11th and 12th  grades to free up the resources for kids who need intervention and extended services to help them achieve.

*To reduce high unemployment in the intercity areas, we need to return Technical Career education such as carpentry and auto mechanics to our schools.   Some of our kids need assurance of a career after twelve (12) years of education.

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